How does GenPel Beepupa Capsule help regain youth?

  • It is 300 times more effective than royal jelly. Just give it 2 days and you will feel visible difference.
  • Rich SOD to help natural defense layer build-up and eliminate free radicals.
  • Include natural eclosion collagen to provide 8 essential amino acids which cannot be synthesized by the human body.
  • Chitin –a source of calcium, enhance vitality.
  • Amino acid content found in GenPel Beepupa Capsule reached up to 20913 (easy human absorption), which is 20 times more compared to other queen bee products with amino acid content just over 1000.
  • Made from Taiwan’s world-best quality queen bee pupa.
  • Japanese capsule sealing technique applied to packaging to preserve GenPel’s freshness in its active contents.


Amount of hydrolyzed amino acid found:
20913.0mg/100g     180 common pharmaceutical contents not found


  • Awarded the Gold Metal by Republic of China Consumer Association 
  • Won the Gold Tripod Award of the Chinese World Cultural & Commercial Association
  • Won the Chinese Industry Commerce Economy Trade Science & Technology Development Association National Quality Guarantee Golden Award Certificate